"Wow, I love coming home to my house in the evening! Every time I drive up to my house I say "WOW". Nitelights of Cleveland, Inc. has really enhanced my home. I feel a lot safer coming home at night to a illuminated home. I never knew how nice my flower beds could look at night too. Nitelights of Cleveland sales were exceptionally professional. I shopped around but they were by far the best and saved me the most money".

Housewife, Rocky River

Residential Landscape Lighting

Nitelights of Cleveland lighting professionals can create a distinctive landscape and architectural lighting design to accent and define your business at night.  We have a broad variety of landscape lighting fixtures and accessories with a wide spectrum of options for commercial, academic, municipal, hospitality, and entertainment oriented clients.

Our inventory represents a fusion of cost effectiveness, aesthetic elements, lighting control, lamping options, and manufacturer fixture design.  This allows our commercial landscape lighting specialist to first envision the overall system design, then select from a broad range of options that literally allows fixture to match form.

Our low voltage landscape lighting operates on a 12 volt system.  This low voltage lighting is extremely safe.  Additionally, low voltage lighting uses one-third less energy to operate than a 120 volt system. This makes your landscape lighting very economical to operate.

Why invest in architectural landscape lighting for your business?

  • Security
    Landscape lighting exposes dark areas of your business to make them unattractive to vandals and intruders.
  • Safety
    Properly placed fixtures light up pathways, entrances, and stairs making it easier for you and your customers to walk these areas in the dark and thereby avoid accidents.
  • Value
    Low voltage landscape lighting adds value to your business and property while using one-third less energy to operate!
  • Beauty
    Your business will become a showpiece with the installation of architectural landscape lighting. Landscape lighting enhances all areas of your business -- on trees, pathways or patios, landscape lighting gently illuminates your business with a soft light, creating a warm and relaxing atmosphere.

Call us today to learn how we can improve the security, value and beauty of your home!
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